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Choosing A Great Camping Spot

I have always loved to camp, but unfortunately, the same can't be said for my spouse. He is more of an "indoorsy" kind of person, which I can't exactly fault him for. However, I knew that getting him to go camping for the first time would be painful, so I started looking around for awesome places where we could go. I was able to find an excellent place that would work well for us, and it was really cool to see how nice they were to work with. I wanted to start a new blog all about choosing a great camping spot, so I made this blog.



A Portable And Lightweight Camping Stove And Fuel Source

If your past camping trip involved fishing and attempting to cook your bounty over open flames, your dinner may have not been very appetizing if the fish cooked unevenly or if the fire grew to be quite large and scorched one side of the fish. Besides needing to worry about rain, wind, and an unsuitable area to create a fire, you will also be burdened with the need to collect kindling on each camping experience. Streamline your cooking sessions by purchasing a collapsible or foldable camping stove.

Collapsible And Foldable Stoves Are Easy To Assemble

Collapsible and foldable stoves are designed similarly. The collapsible model will likely contain several stainless steel panels that need to be assembled prior to using the stove. Grooves will be aligned along the edges of each metal section, allowing adjacent pieces to be attached. Because of the simple design of this type of stove, taking apart the cooking unit will only require the pieces to be pulled apart from one another, resulting in the collapse of the unit.

A foldable stove contains metal sections that are permanently anchored to one another. Assembly will require the metal pieces to be unfolded. A metal pin that comes with a stove can be used to secure the end pieces.

Ethanol Fuel Tablets Burn Clean And Are Non-Toxic

Purchase a package of ethanol fuel tablets to use with your new stove. These type of tablets burn clean and are non-toxic and environmentally safe. If you aren't a fan of smoky conditions and the heavy scent of burning wood or leaves, fuel tablets are a pleasant alternative. Each fuel tablet will be packaged in its own wrapper that is designed to protect the product.

After setting up your stove and deciding what you are going to cook, place one fuel tablet in the cental chamber that is located near the base of the stove. Some stove models contain a metal shield panel, and if you have purchased a cooking unit like this, you can rest assured that the flames will remain lit and will not be at risk of spreading. Use a barbecue grill lighter or matches to light the ethanol tablet.

Within minutes of lighting the tablet, you can boil a pot of water or begin pan frying some food. Ethanol tablets will burn out on their own after several minutes have elapsed. It is important to wait for this to occur and to allow the stove to cool down prior to handling the cooking unit and cookware.

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